When you need routine maintenance services, put your investments in capable hands. The expert technicians at Enhanced Medical Services EMS can repair and service diagnostic, lane, and optical equipment from the most major manufacturers in the industry. We understand that broken down equipment can lead to cancelling patients and loss of revenue.

We do our best to get your equipment repaired and back to you in the timeliest manner. The technicians at EMS have an average of over 20 years of experience in the eyecare industry and can service lane and diagnostic equipment. This high level of experience ensures that your equipment is repaired with the utmost skill and precision, even on products which have been deemed unrepairable or sun-setted by the manufacturer.

Save your budget by calling EMS to repair your equipment or perform routine maintenance services. Our prices most often beat those of the manufacturers. In addition to single item repairs and maintenance, EMS offers comprehensive umbrella warranties to practices with multiple locations. Cover multiple pieces of equipment in various locations to eliminate hassle, minimize downtime with loaner devices, and save money. Learn more here.

EMS is a certified Topcon service center. Our technicians are trained and equipped to repair Topcon instruments at each of our service locations. Expertise The technicians at EMS have an average of over 20 years of experience in the eyecare industry and can service lane and diagnostic equipment.

Affordability Save your budget by calling EMS to repair your equipment or perform routine maintenance services. Service Let our experienced team at Advancing Eyecare help you find the ophthalmic equipment and services to fit your needs.

Our knowledgeable staff can assist with any questions you may have regarding new or pre-owned eyecare equipment as well as maintenance and repair services.

Simply submit the form below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.Lombart meets the full range of ophthalmic needs of our clients through customized solutions and dedicated partnerships. We have a large suite of chairs and stands for you to choose from. Our national service team is equipped with the latest calibration and repair tools to keep your office running smoothly. Our dedicated factory-trained technicians are available to provide fast, reliable service when you need it the most.

Lombart is the nation's largest distributor of ophthalmic instruments and supplies, with sales and service teams across the country. We work with eye care providers throughout the industry - students, private practice, universities and teaching institutions, government, and hospitals nationwide. We distribute to all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Shop by Category. Shop Pre-Owned. WHO WE ARE Your partner for all your ophthalmic needs Lombart is the nation's largest distributor of ophthalmic instruments and supplies, with sales and service teams across the country.

Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Receive updates on new products, promotions, webinars, upcoming events, and more.Armstrong Optical Services Co. We Optical provides the highest quality of technical service in the ophthalmic field, and stand behind all of our ophthalmology and optical products and services. We offers a wide selection of both ophthalmic equipment and optical equipment for your eyecare practice. We keep up with the latest ophthalmic and optical industry developments so that we can provide the finest equipment, service and advise.

We service what we sell and guarantee all our ophthalmic and optical products. Our preventive maintenance program keeps your equipment operating within its designed specifications at all times. We maintain a large inventory of ophthalmic bulbs, print paper, chin rest papers, and other ophthalmology and optometric supplies. With our large inventory and central location in North Texas, we are able to promptly meet your order needs.

Walman Exclusive Services

Our web site provides extensive links to Internet resources regarding health-related topics in general and the optical and ophthalmic industry in particular.

Check with us often for both new sources of information, as well as to keep up with our special supply and equipment offers.Optrep Optical Repairs operates from a well-equipped, modern workshop located on the South Coast of England. It has over 55 years of experience to draw upon and an unrivalled range of optical instruments can be repaired and serviced, including All makes and ages of equipment, from the earliest to the most modern, can be handled, including wartime binoculars.

Turn-round is rapid and the work is both effective and reasonably priced. Servicing is always carried out as the manufacturer intended including, when appropriate, purging with zero grade nitrogen. Customers are invited to call in or send their equipment by post or courier well-packed of course.

optical equipment repair

Free estimates are given when requested. Questions are often asked as to his origin and so this very brief CV is given: Academic work at Wimbledon Technical College was followed by a five-year apprenticeship in instrument making and then three years in the designing of heavy steelworks machines.

He began working on optical instruments in and then, inhe launched his own company, Kay Optical Servicing at Morden in south London.

Over the years, much knowledge and material was amassed from the work on a great variety of optical instruments, including binoculars and then ophthalmic instruments. Later, the sales of binoculars and telescopes were added to the business. ByTony left the sales side of the business to his youngest son also named Tony and had the special Optrep workshop built next to his home in Selsey, West Sussex.

Here, conditions were much more placid and were perfect for concentrating on repair work, with far fewer interruptions. Lucia, Sweden, S. Opening hours: 9am to 5pm Monday-Thursday, 9am to 2pm Friday. Always telephone before calling. Parking: Unrestricted - just drive up and stop! This website uses Google Analytics, which places a cookie on your device, the information sent to Google Analytics is anonymized Learn more Got it! See also information from WHO, etc. All instruments are externally cleaned before despatch back to you.

Please put the instrument into a bag or box together with all your details and ring the gate bell. Binocular repairs, Telescopes repairs, Ophthalmic instrument repairs, Instrument repairs, Optical repairs, Focimeter repairs, Ophthalmoscope repairs, Retinoscope repairs, Refractor repairs, Phoroptor repairs, Practice servicing. Examples of Repairs Testimonials Binoculars, telescopes, etc. Ophthalmic instruments Glossary packing advice links.

Technical Director: Antony L.Are you considering investing in new optical equipment because your old equipment has stopped working? Don't purchase a new machine yet. Instead, with repair services from a name you can trust, and you might save money. The team at Servi-Stat, LLC, provides exceptional optical equipment repair services, making sure that your equipment is back in action and ready for your next patient.

Furthermore, we offer excellent office moving services to move your equipment properly. The specialists at our business take great pride in offering comprehensive ophthalmic equipment repair, along with calibration services for diagnostic machines.

Fast service is always available at reasonable flat rate costs. Furthermore, our work comes with a fantastic six-month warranty. We ship to locations throughout the country, so no location is too far. All you have to do is contact us and let us know what piece of optometry equipment is giving you trouble.

Our team will take care of the details. Many doctors think that their projectors are dim and decide that it's time to buy new ones with halogen bulbs.

optical equipment repair

However, Servi-Stat, LLC has found that dirt and dust trapped in the main condensing lenses can cause the projection to look dim! We disassemble projectors, then remove and clean all optics, including the main condensing lenses.

With proper cleaning, the projector will be bright white again, just as it was when you purchased it new. Calibrate Tonopen: Keep your practice in perfect working order with this essential service. We calibrate within. Phoropter Cleaning: Our team completes disassembles and lubricates all bearing and gears.

Plus, we clean all optics to factory specifications. Refurbish Chairs: Make your chairs like new again! Servi-Stat, LLC cleans and refurbishes, as well as eliminates cracks and tears in the upholstery. Are you moving to a new office? Our team can help with that, too! Along with ophthalmology equipment repair, our company offers professional office moving services. We disassemble and reassemble equipment to your preferences - plus, we calibrate the equipment once it's in your exam room.

Let us make the moving process easier! Contact our team to request more information about our ophthalmology equipment repair services. We serve optical professionals throughout the country and ship from our headquarters in Largo, FL.

Optical Equipment Repair Services Are you considering investing in new optical equipment because your old equipment has stopped working? Our Approach to Projectors Many doctors think that their projectors are dim and decide that it's time to buy new ones with halogen bulbs. Examples of Our Work Calibrate Tonopen: Keep your practice in perfect working order with this essential service.

All Rights Reserved. Web Design and Domain names by.Vision Equipment technicians completely disassemble your slit lamp and replace any worn or broken parts. Each individual part is fully inspected and cleaned, and topped off with a high quality finish. Call for a quote today. Vision Equipment lens edger restoration services give you all of the same benefits of a new edger refurbishment without the investment.

Keep your lens edger running like new. Our refractor and phoroptor technicians, with over 30 years experience, will completely tear down the unit, clean all parts and reassemble to factory specs and test for optimal performance. Founded by Leo Hadley, Jr. Whether you are establishing a new practice or upgrading your existing instruments and equipment, we can help you outfit your office with the latest technology while saving you thousands of dollars.

Vision Equipment has built a vast network of reputable suppliers and technicians who fully support all of the used optometry equipment we sell, including Santinelli patternless lens edgers, ZEISS OCTs, perimeters, and all brands and models of phoropters, refractors, slit lamps, and fundus cameras.

When you do business with us, you will not only save money — you will also benefit from the best warranty and the highest level of customer service available in the industry. The business of Vision Equipment is exclusively dedicated to buying, selling, trading, and refurbishing high-quality used ophthalmic and optical lab equipment. Our employee-owned company partners with ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians across the nation, helping them grow their practices and provide the best possible eye care to their patients.

In many other ways, Vision Equipment stands apart in the pre-owned ophthalmic and optical equipment industry. For instance, unlike most other companies that offer used optometry equipment for sale, we will service or repair any eye care instrument, regardless of where it was originally purchased.

We view you as a valued partner, and by helping you with whatever you may need in terms of used eye equipment, we can promote your success as well as our own. For information about our current inventory of used optometry equipment, contact Vision Equipment today.

Our stock is continually changing thanks to our extensive network of providers, and daily sales. Maarten to perform vision screenings. The initiative was also supported by generous equipment donations from several companies. The teams screened more than 1, patients over the 3 days across the 2 islands. The majority of….

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optical equipment repair

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