The SGF who spoke during the inauguration and presentation of medical equipment donated by the NLTF to General Hospital, Toro, Bauchi State yesterday explained that the move was in consideration of the current instability in the prices of oil and world economic downturn. Mustapha noted that government was presently in the process of approving new regulations and operational guidelines as provided under the National Lottery Act of with a view to strengthening the capacity of the National Lottery Commission and the National Lottery Trust Fund to perform their functions effectively.

He therefore urged persons and organisations licensed to engage in the national lottery to sit up and perform or have their licenses revoked.

mallam lotto

Maigari asked lottery and gaming operators permit holders to keep to their obligations of remitting 20 per cent lottery proceeds directly to the Trust Fund warning that government would no longer tolerate practices that undermine the growth and development of the sector in the country.

He therefore urged lottery and gaming operatives, permit holders and licences and business promoters that engage in promotional lottery to keep to their obligation of remitting 20 per cent lottery process directly to the trust fund as required by law.

He said that the intervention would assist Toro community to address its immediate need in the area of providing prompt access to good medical attention.

He said the Trust Fund was saddled with the mandate to promote the total well-being of the citizens adding that their intervention in the general hospital Toro was meant to enhance the capacity of the hospital to cater for the well-being of its patients. Habiba Lawal, praised the government for the gesture and appealed for maintenance of the health equipment donated to the hospital.

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In his keynote address, Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abubakar, who was represented by the commissioner of finance, Alhaji Akuyam commended the agency for considering Toro General hospital for the donations. He said health was one the priorities of the administration and assured that efforts would be taken to address the challenges facing hospitals in the state, particularly the Toro General hospital because it serves not only people from the state but those from Plateau and Kaduna as well.

Istifanus Zakka, who received the allocation letter from the agency. The equipment donated to the hospital include, Anaesthetic machine, operation table, wheel chairs, screen and suction machine. Others were Blood Pressure Apparatus, stool with castor, blood bank, hematocrit and sponge holding forceps.

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Policy of coronavirus and 5G technology connection. Phishing attacks are thriving during the pandemic. The scoundrel called Oluwasanmi.

Coronavirus and right to freedom of movement.

Investment Companies in Ghana

What Africa must do to mitigate damaging effects of coronavirus. Matthew Ashimolowo: 5G has nothing to do with coronavirus. All Photo Video. Governor Uzodimma fetes inmates, extends palliatives to orphanage homes — in….Interestingly, they supplement their mails and even display pictures DP on Facebook with still or video imagery of their shrines or blood-spattered cash, while others have snakes around their necks, perhaps to depict how powerful they are.

Apart from those using social media, there are other juju men who now erect billboards or print on flexi banners and display them along the major roads to attract people. Areas where countless number of such banners could be spotted include the Atomic Junction, East Legon under the overpass, the Airport Residential Area, Kasoa and along the Spintex Road.

There are some juju men who have recorded videos of their activities and put them on YouTube for people to watch. The videos have the contact numbers of the respective juju men boldly written on them for potential clients to see. Besides social media, some of the juju men have also taken their services from their shrines to live broadcast of what they are capable of doing on some of the free-on-air television channels. There are some who boldly advertise that they can help people to be invisible to their debtors, charm money and provide solutions for other spiritual matters.

mallam lotto

Even though some of these juju men end up winning over people, there are others who hold the opinion that the juju men are just fraudsters and magicians who are claiming to have spiritual powers.

According to the Cape Breton University communications professor, Dr Felix Odartey-Wellington, "sensational, spiritually-themed electronic messages and imagery can be used to disseminate hostile and intrusive software such as viruses". He advises: "Don't open emails or click in links if you don't know the source. Treat sensational emails or imagery with suspicion. Juju men turn to aggressive marketing Date: Jul 30, BY: Hadiza Nuhu Billa.

Category: General News. Imagery of their shrines or blood-spattered cash. Some juju men have resorted to aggressive marketing to entice innocent people on social media. Prev Next. Yes Not Now. This box will close in 15 seconds.Here are Premier lotto results for today Baba Ijebu today results are published instantly after the draw result announcement.

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Here are Baba Ijebu latest result for Bingo lotto:. Here are Baba Ijebu latest result for Metro lotto:. Here are Baba Ijebu latest result for International lotto:. Check out our lucky numbers' generator. Using hot numbers only, we accurately predict the next draw: Baba Ijebu Prediction. Baba Ijebu Lotto is a gambling type where winning numbers are drawn and monetary rewards are given to the winners.

To the play the game, individuals get the chance to pick a maximum of 90 numbers from any of the provided terminals. NAP2commonly referred to as 2sure qualifies the player to win when two of the chosen numbers drop.The economic difficulty facing the country may be daunting even as measures are being instituted by the government in a frantic attempt to straighten aspects of national life.

The private sector has definitely been affected in no small measure. Some companies have folded up, while others have had to cut down on staff strength among other measures to deal with the challenges. In spite of the general depression that seems to have engulfed the nation, one group of people claim to be providing an easy way out for those who accept their offer. For some time now, there has been an upsurge in the activities of mallams and spiritualists on radio, television and outdoor publicity.

It is not uncommon nowadays to tune in to radio or a TV channel to hear mallams and spiritualists advertising and trumpeting the potency of their claims. A year-old entrepreneur, Kofi Adom, not real name told the Daily Graphic that he heard of one of these lotto mallams on radio, picked up the cell phone number advertised and decided to visit him.

After answering, he was directed to a pot containing water and some herbs where he was asked to wash his hands three times and in the process, speak out his problems. Finally, he met with the mallam who gave him two numbers to go and stake but the mallam warned that he should never disclose the lotto numbers to anyone else the spirits would not work.

While there, Kofi said, he met another young man who had come with a fat envelope which he gave to the mallam. When he was leaving, Kofi said he approached the young man and engaged in a conversation with him in the course of which he told him Kofi that he came to show appreciation to the mallam after he consulted him and successfully won a huge sum from the lottery.

When the numbers were called later that day, only one of the numbers came. Kofi said he regretted his actions because he had been left poorer than he was before visiting the Mallam. However, there are persons who phoned into radio programmes testifying that they had consulted some of these mallams and had had their fortunes turned around.

But Ghanaians have been urged to be wary of mallams and spiritualists who appear in the media claiming to have powers that could make people rich overnight. These claimants have been described as charlatans and fraudsters waiting to take advantage of people.

The four described the upsurge in publicity in the media by persons claiming to have the powers to perform miracles as worrying and asked Ghanaians to be on their guard.

They only come to exploit and devour. Run away from them. There are genuine Mallams but those ones do not advertise. They are causing havoc to the people. The media, especially radio and television, have in recent times been broadcasting adverts from different categories of persons who claim to have spiritual powers to perform miracles, especially making people rich overnight.

He said a section of Muslim scholars were specialists in certain mystical aspects of the religion and they normally tapped into those mystical powers to bring solutions to the needs of people in the Moslem community. But the African quest for supernatural solutions to all problems, he said, had led to some mallams gaining prominence because they claim to do a whole lot of supernatural things.

There are some Mallams who claim they can kill. That is totally immoral and unethical. It discourages hard work and promotes corruption. In the view of Bishop Adjei, it was an indication of the end time, saying people had become so self-centred that they would go to any length to find solutions to their problems.

Mr Kpoor, in prescribing solutions, said the people of Ghana ought to be conscientised to know that they needed to use a more scientific approach when dealing with them.

There are some mysteries but our present economic situation is our own doing. DCOP Ampah Bennin called on the various media houses to be cautious so that in the quest to rake in revenue, they do not give their platforms to those charlatans to deceive Ghanaians. Sheikh Shaibu said as part of efforts to address the issue, the Islamic Council would engage scholars genuine Mallams whose speciality was in that domain to study the value of the services of those claiming to have instant transformational powers to expose their deception to all Ghanaians.

Bishop Ben Adjei said Jesus Christ still remained the answer in all situations and urged Ghanaians to trust in God and also work hard rather than depending on charlatans.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Special Feature: Get rich quick Date: Sep 01, BY: Victor Kwawukume.Back then they used to live in sacred places, far away villages, evil forests, bushes and very hideous places but not anymore. These days, they are way richer than you think, live in mansions, travel overseas for vacation and even have a say when it comes to national progress.

They now drive the newest cars in town, own luxury properties, companies; like radio stations, spiritual centers, hospitals, herbal centers and clinics. How did they make it all happen?

And oh! Ordained by the Asantehene and by far, the most popular spiritualist in Ghana. Among his many clients include several Ghanaian pastors, that is what he said. What men can do, women can do it better … that is what they say.

The Nzema man who claims to use original Nzema powers has made lots of cash from his spiritual doctrines. He also owns a company which manufactures his own herbal medicine. To meet Mallam Zack one-on-one, you will need millions of cedis and connections. He own a lot of things money can buy. This man runs the spiritual business like a company, with branches of herbal and spiritual clinics nationwide, recreational and holiday resorts, houses, cars, herbal medicines and ointments on the market and a lot more assets.

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Ghana. mallam shehu w offer the following: Spiritual healings Help in US Visa Lotto numbers Spiritu

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Nana Agradaa on the far left What men can do, women can do it better … that is what they say. Nana Nyameke The Nzema man who claims to use original Nzema powers has made lots of cash from his spiritual doctrines.

Wofa Kissi This man runs the spiritual business like a company, with branches of herbal and spiritual clinics nationwide, recreational and holiday resorts, houses, cars, herbal medicines and ointments on the market and a lot more assets. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Ghana Lotto Prediction for Today.

Ghana Lotto Success. We only use Hot numbers to generate lucky numbers for you. Numbers are hot when they have been drawn very frequently in the last draws. The goal of all lottery strategies is the prediction of winning numbers that will hit in the next draw. Lottery players in most cases search for the most frequent or the least frequent numbers, then examine the latest winning numbers and their statistical properties trying to predict what is the most likely to happen in the next lotto draw.

Here are three predictions for Lucky Tuesday game:. Here are three predictions for MidWeek game:. You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw! These frequently drawn numbers are known as hot numbers and they are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn. Play with strategy, knowing more about each number! We present 20 most popular numbers and the frequency they are drawn. Statistics generates from last draws:.

5 most popular juju men in Ghana you need to know

These are information pages only and are not intended to encourage participation in lotteries. Two Sure:. Hot Numbers. Reply Like Wrong. Reply Like 2 Wrong 1.

Reply Like 3 Wrong 1. Reply Like 5 Wrong 3. Reply Like 4 Wrong 2. Reply Like 5 Wrong 2.One of the most heard of people you probably know are fetish priests and priestesses. If for nothing at all, through the local movies that scare you to sleep and the funny advertisements you get chased with on social media. He is by far one of the famous fetish priests in Ghana. This is a juju man who claimed to have "tied the legs of Christiano Ronaldo" during the World Cup and even dared Bishop Obinim to a spiritual battle.

You dare not joke with him! What men can do, women can do better!

mallam lotto

She really has class. Mallam Muhammed is not located in Accra but indeed never loses out on the list of most popular juju men in Ghana and probably one of the richest spiritualists in Ghana. Talk of great social media presence and Nana Obuanipa definitely comes from Nana Obuanipa. The Nzema man who claims to use original Nzema powers has made lots of cash from his spiritual doctrines. He is truly a pro at what he does!

Are there any popular juju men or women we missed in this article? Send us a message at info yen. Hot: I love you message for her Erata motors. Show Comments. You have the right to sleep with your brother's wife - Counselor Lutterodt.

mallam lotto