Some have already been arrested by local and federal officials. According to a Department of Justice complaint that's more than pages long, the investigation began in Sept. Agents determined that several involved were a part of drug trafficking organization that distributed cocaine, heroin and fentanyl in eastern areas of Wisconsin.

drug bust through mail

The criminal complaint says a home in the block of W. Walker Street was the center of the drug ring, describing it as "a residence, used by organization members, to meet and conduct mechanical work on vehicles as well. The residence and rear garage are used to store illegal drugs too. According to the complaint, these suspects would send pounds of cocaine in the mail to Milwaukee from Puerto Rico.

Then, people in Milwaukee would mail bundles of cash back to the U. Federal agents intercepted packages, listened in on phone calls, and ran surveillance for months putting this case together.

Investigators even used wiretaps to get information on the suspects. The complaint lists dozens of instances where drug shipments were sent to post offices across the Milwaukee area. In Sept. The cocaine would be dealt out by Eric Rosa in Milwaukee.

Marcos Aponte-Lebron would be the person to facilitate drug shipments from Puerto Rico, retrieve drugs from storage facilities to other distributors, collect the proceeds and facilitate the proceeds back to Puerto Rico. According to the complaint, cocaine was shipped to residences in Milwaukee through the United States Postal Service.

On Sept. Authorities executed an anticipatory warrant at the home after the package was delivered and found over grams of cocaine and firearms in the home. On Oct. Although officers tried to deliver the package, no one retrieved it.

A postal employee left a note for someone to contact USPS to receive the package. An unidentified man went to the post office to give the USPS his contact number for the undelivered package.

How Marijuana Is Sent Through the U.S. Mail

No one ever retrieved the package and on Oct. In one instance, when a package of cocaine was not delivered, one of the suspects "went to the West Milwaukee post office to specifically inquire about the undelivered parcel. Gave the postal employee his name and telephone numbers as a means to contact him should the parcel arrive. There was even worry that Hurricane Dorian, which ravaged Puerto Rico last summer, could cause a problem.

That suspect further commented "if the hurricane ruins us, we would have to wait. The suspects are also accused of using storage facilities to keep drugs. They also tried not to mail more than one package to Milwaukee from a single location.

One person allegedly suggested women should drop off packages because they were "less suspicious. The complaint says the drugs were distributed across Racine and Milwaukee counties as well as other locations in the United States, including many cities in the eastern part of the country. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. News Local News. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. DOJ: Dozens named in connection to drug trafficking ring, accused of sending cocaine through mail.

Dozens of people were arrested or are wanted after a year-long investigation found that they were involved in an alleged drug trafficking organization.A center desk employee hands a package to a student. The U. Postal Service is trusted by drug dealers to ship narcotics nationwide, including to IU.

drug bust through mail

Omeed Malek. Briscoe center desk employees sorted through the last batch of student mail Oct. Postal Service. With the rhythm of an assembly line, they separated the pile of boxes, labeled each individually and scanned them into a notification software system.

But on that October afternoon, a package addressed to Room B stood out to the Briscoe center desk staff. B was a single occupancy dorm room belonging to freshman business student, Brendan Matarese. It looked normal. But it smelled as if it had been marinating in the basement of a college house party: densely vegetal, musky and dank — the all-too-familiar scent of weed. With faster shipment times and more packages being shipped each year, major delivery companies have reported an increase in the interception of packages containing illegal drugs.

Among the main mail carriers — the U. Private companies such as UPS and FedEx are required by federal law to collect and log package information such as mailing addresses, weight and package contents. This makes it easier for government agencies to investigate and observe suspicious shipment patterns if needed. But the federal government does not impose those same strict rules on the Postal Service, whose packages often enter and exit shipment facilities without a clearly documented path.

Dealers capitalize on these loopholes, transforming federally paid Postal Service employees into unsuspecting middlemen in the illegal drug trade. The report contains dark web confessions from traffickers who claim they used the Postal Service to facilitate all their shipments. Of the dark web dealers that the Office of the Inspector General investigated, 96 said they primarily used the Postal Service to ship drugs.

drug bust through mail

A quick web search can reveal Reddit boards, eBay comment threads and Craigslist discussions about how to discreetly ship drugs through the mail. These numbers could be better. On-duty residential assistant Lauryn Johnson gave her the package. Harden noticed the pungent smell, handed the package back and quietly called for backup. The student whose room was addressed on the package, Matarese, arrived at the desk minutes later.

According to court documents, officers had been quietly waiting for him to take hold of the delivery. Cooksey handcuffed Matarese and escorted him into the the back of a parked patrol car, all as students looked on. Brendan Matarese was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana and a felony charge of dealing hashish oil after a search warrant revealed that there were 30 potent hashish oil cartridges inside the odorous package.

The viscous honey-colored drug of choice is popular on college campuses and among to year-olds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One hit can contain more than five times as much THC as a regular joint or bowl.Senders vacuum-sealed bags of buds, put them in an inconspicuous package, boxed it up with food or other items, used a fake return address or name and let it rip.

This method, although carrying potential federal chargeswas seen as a better alternative to UPS or FedEx, where employees are likely to open and snag packages. A recent case coming out of Central NY is an indicator that law enforcement is hip to this tactic.

There are 22 people in all facing charges for receiving weed and other illegal items through the mail. Federal search warrants were then obtained to search the packages. According to Syracuse. A Mercedes Benz was also seized. Nine of the 22 suspects are from Syracuse, four are from Utica, and the rest are from Central New York and elsewhere, according to the news release.

David Krause. The following is a complete list of contraband seized in the mail and a list of the people charged, according to Syracuse. Drugs: Weapons : Semi-automatic assault weapon with two 30 round magazines. Giovanni R. Erica R. Nefateia C. Randall A. Denzel A. Christopher C.

Drug dealers trust using the US Postal Service to ship narcotics — even to IU

Adam M. Joshua M. Heidi L. Your email address will not be published.Thinking about shipping drugs this holiday season? People ship all sorts of stuff across the United States this time of year. There are literally hundreds of millions of parcels delivered during the peak holiday season.

It creates an extra hectic environment for those whose job it is to ensure that these items make it to the proper residence in a timely fashion. But those folks planning on shipping drugs should not let the chaos of the season cloud their better judgment. Uncle Sam closely monitors illicit drug shipments being sent through the mail. A local drug dealer thought it would be safe to receive a hefty shipment of methamphetamine through the United Parcel Service. It seems the G-men had been watching this guy for a while.

They had become privy to his drug distribution scheme. The parcel weighed in at around two pounds and contained three vacuum-sealed packs of meth. It totaled around 1, grams.

Some of the latest data suggest that while most folks believe the heyday of methamphetamine has long since passed, this drug is making a comeback. Some say it never left. Meth overdoses are now killing thousands of more people than it was ten years ago. As for the UPS store meth bust in D. The Bureau says it cannot divulge any information regarding the tactics used to capture this particular suspect. He is part of an ongoing investigation.

So Much For That: Major Mail Bust Of Weed And Other Contraband

But one thing is certain. Federal law enforcement has a close eye on the illegal drug trade. And its willingness to lean on domestic shipping services to put dope in the hands of Americans. Although this distribution method might seem solid enough, it is likely the one that carries the most risk. In some parts of the country, mail operations are now implementing new technology in order to prevent illegal drugs ranging from fentanyl to meth from making it to their desired destination. The herb is legal in some capacity well over half the nation.

However, it remains an outlaw substance in the eyes of the federal government.Court documents said the organization has been trafficking about 30 kilograms of cocaine and 80 to pounds of marijuana each month over the last few years. The drugs are reportedly being shipped from California, and the organization employed corrupt US Postal Service employees and FedEx employees to make sure the drug-laden packages made it to their intended destinations, according to federal records. The money made on the drugs was also shipped through the mail and transported by air through the Charleston International Airport.

Court documents said the organization would place the cash behind the liners of suitcases and fly hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the west coast. Court documents included transcriptions of phone conversations between individuals who were using code words to talk about moving and selling the drugs and money. Search warrants were recently executed on addresses from Ladson and Holly Hill to Summerville and Yemasee. News Feds investigate drug trafficking organization that used mail employees to ship drugs and money.

The drug's in the mail

Feds investigate drug trafficking organization that used mail employees to ship drugs and money. Copyright WCSC. All rights reserved.The arrests were the result of a months-long investigation. During that time, law enforcement officials said they learned quite a bit about how these drug dealers were able to bring meth into North Alabama. Over the course of the investigation, officials say approximately pounds of meth were shipped through the mail. The mail, something as mundane as a package, turned illicit in this case.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time drugs have been shipped through the US Postal Service. Law enforcement officials say they were being supplied drugs from CJNG, a Mexican cartel that is an offshoot of the Sinaloa cartel. Officials say the drugs were being sent from the San Bernardino area of California -- a portion of them shipped through the US Postal Service. Last year, the US Postal Inspection Service, a federal law enforcement agency tasked with keeping mail safe, seized over 96, pounds of mailed narcotics.

When you send a first-class mailpiece, it is as safe as far as privacy goes as it would be if it was sitting inside your house," Robinson said. In an internal audit from last yearof drug websites on the dark web that list a shipper, the majority say they use USPS. Robinson stressed the importance of people coming forward with tips. Breaking News Breaking News. Close Modal Suggest a Correction Your name required. Your email required.

Report a typo or grammatical error required.All rights reserved. More marijuana is now being shipped through the U. Mail than in recent years, according to the U. Postal Inspection Service, whose seizures of marijuana parcels have increased by more than percent since Traffickers use everyday objects to conceal the drugs. Here, marijuana is packaged inside "Teasdale" cans of corn. The amount of marijuana matched the weight on the label, and the traffickers used a can sealer.

drug bust through mail

Mail More marijuana is now being shipped through the U. After obtaining a federal search warrant to examine a suspicious package, inspectors found a Home Depot paint bucket wrapped in plastic. But instead of paint, the five gallon bucket was packed with marijuana. Inspectors found eight of these paint buckets. Each contained twelve lbs. A jukebox used to conceal marijuana is seized by inspectors in San Diego. The jukebox looked authentic, but inspectors found 10 lbs. Four bags of marijuana are placed inside a Black and Decker tool in hopes of sneaking it through the U.

When a large box arrived at a woman's home in rural South Dakota, she thought her new television had arrived. Instead, she discovered three large bricks of marijuana and called the authorities.

Walworth Co. Sheriff Duane Mohr [left] and chief deputy Tom Jeans [right] believe a Mexican drug cartel sent the package to the wrong address. In all, the marijuana weighed approximately 50 lbs. The pungent smell of marijuana is often what gives the packages away, so drug traffickers attempt to conceal the odor. This brick was blanketed with plastic wrap and shipped in heat sealed bags to try and disguise its smell. The actual street value depends upon demand, which differs in various geographic locations.

An inspector makes her way through a marijuana growing operation in California. ABC News Network.